Compatibility, Powerful VR systems, Better ROI, and Efficacy, makes the KAT VR the perfect addition for any Entertainment Business.

All our VR Treadmills are changing the dynamics for various VR Businesses and establishments providing unparalleled arcade gaming experiences. From Arcades, Theatres, Battle stations, Gaming centers, Amusement Areas, and so forth; the KAT VR treadmill is the perfect entertainment machine.  Our VR Treadmills are changing the game for all VR establishments. As the pricing of VR headsets is rapidly dropping, serious VR enthusiasts can now buy their headset and play from home, but with Kat Walk Mini the subtleties shift entirely.

The Kat Walk Mini is only slightly over 4′ in diameter, allowing you to put multiple in a current room scale booth. This also makes your space much more efficient, maximizing profit per square foot. Now you can have more people paying and playing on the same footprint. Even better, now friends don’t have to sit around and watch the screen, as they can be playing together in these games at the same time. One of the best things is that our platform is open sourced, allowing it to be compatible with many popular Steam VR titles such as Arizona Sunshine, Pavlov, War Dust, Contractors, Rec Room, and many more.

  • What we are striving for is offering a fully immersive social experience that will drive customer traffic and retention for businesses. Twisted Reality is currently working on an official v-sports league, where we will run nationwide competitions for 3v3 and 4v4 war leagues on foot. Bringing in 1 or 2 of these units certainly is a novelty, but you get sold short of the ability to host your private events where you could have your members form teams and compete against each other. This is perfect for birthday parties, or hosting your league nights for various games such as Rec Room or Contractors.
  • Another added experience is the ability to run VR Escape Rooms for parties or corporate team building events. We offer a few haunted houses and escape rooms, but “Tales of Escape” in particular allows up to 6 users to be in an escape room together walking around on their own KAT Minis.
  • With the KAT VR systems, you can also start up the funafter-school program where kids can come game for a while. Speak with local schools in your area to promote the concept of kids having fun, but getting great physical activity. This is something parents and school will get behind.
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