Developer Support

If you are a developer and searching for support on content integration with our treadmills, you can now speak directly with KAT VR Development team.

  1. Join Discord Channel “KATVR Dev
  2. Send message and address to @PallasCat

Note : You will need the following to properly integrate and test your content


Already Have a Kat Walk and Need Remote Tech Support?

Please submit your issue to a group chat with the following Skype Handles


@KAT Monica

@KAT Technology Service


If Skype is not an option, please send your issue via email cc’ing both of the emails listed below:

Kat Mini
User’s Manual

Kat Mini
Installation Instructions

Kat VR – “Infinte Space”

Mini Difference

Kat Mini
Owner’s Manual

KAT Walk

KAT Walk Mini