Kat Walk Mini


  • Take your gaming to the next level with the Industry leading Omni-Directional Treadmill by Kat VR! This is currently the most functionl on the market. “Ready Player One” Style ODT providing 360 degree full rotation with out any obstructions getting in your arms way.
  • Smaller and Lighter – Great For Arcades + Home use
  • Price –Competing ODT’s have a $6000+ price tag and offer much less functionality
  • Movement –Our Kat Walk Mini provides the most natural walking experience
  • Functionality –Run, Jump, Crouch, Strafe, and even Sit in any position on the treadmill
  • Compatibility – Works with all major HMD’s
  • Open Platform SDK –Alllows developers to integrate and test their own games, training simulations, educational explorations, or VR business realated applications.
  • Tech Support –Free service tech that can be handled remotely from manufacturer
  • Interconnectivity –Sync up with friends for group battles

Available on backorder

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Weight Limit: Supports Up To 285lbs
Height Requirements:4′ 6″ to 6′ 4″


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