Kat Striker VR Rifle


NEW PRODUCT!! We have just launched a new VR Rifle for “HTC Vive” VR Controllers. This is a cool new product that has a magnet on the front controller (your “foregrip”) that enables you to quickly detach it from the rifle so you can use that hand for something else if needed. In most VR Games, you are required to reload your weapon by physically grabbing ammo/magazine from your waist and inserting it into the gun. This is easy to do with our new system.


In stock (can be backordered)

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FREE SHIPPING on these accessories if purchased with the Kat Walk Mini.

  • Magnetic Mounting: You can quickly attach/detach your foregrip controller when you need a hand for things such as reloading your weapon.
  • Easily adjustable: The position Of the secondary controller mounting and the Stock length are both adjustable to your liking
  • Easy controllers charging: Worrying about the battery? You can safely charge your controllers anytime, without even removing them from your KAT Striker.


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