With our comprehensive line of KAT VR systems, you can bring a new attraction to your center and drive heavy customer traffic while increasing your overall ROI. You can revive and revamp your convention centers, complexes, student centers, fun centers, lobbies, malls, and community centers with KAT VR’s. Everyone who walks by the Kat Walk Mini radiating its vibrant LED Blue Light is sure to ask what this fantastic-looking contraption is. The KAT brings audiences everywhere it is present. Here are some key-points which make KAT VR truly special:

  • Only a little over 4′ in diameter per unit
  • Host group play events and allow friends to interact in VR together!
  • Bring in 6-8 to join our vSports Arena League and compete with other establishments in the US
  • Change users quickly and seamlessly
  • Safety strap to ensure a safe and secure play session. Being confined to the area of this unit, it is significantly more reliable than standard VR booth setups.
  • Free Remote Tech Support + Training
  • Can offer green light as well to offer “Team Blue” and “Team Green” options
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