Virtual reality (VR) has entered the world of education through the big door creating new resources to teach and learn. Virtual reality allows you to explore, travel without leaving the classroom, visit what you want to learn without moving, have a more significant professional orientation, and much more. Using a virtual world for education opens the doors to endless opportunities for learning and exploration. Now students can be taken to other places to see things first-hand, all from the comfort of their classroom. The immersive experience makes learning exciting and fun, which has proven to increase student interest significantly.

With our units, they can not only be taken to any destination, but they can now physically walk around and explore with infinite spaces. Bring in a few so students can explore together, creating an enjoyable social experience as well. Here are some of the astounding ways in which the Kat Walks are currently being used for educational purposes.

  • Walk around space/other planets while learning facts such as atmosphere, distance from earth, distance from the sun, etc.
  • Interactive Museum Walkthroughs
  • Jurassic Park style Dinosaur content that will let you learn to interact and even feed the dinosaurs. Students can also learn facts about each species while they explore.
  • Virtual Campus Tours
  • University VR Research Labs
  • VR Content Developer classes – Teach your students how to not only develop VR content, but also teach them how to take hardware SDK such as ours, and have to integrate their content to make it compatible.
  • With our open SDK, if you can dream it, you can do it!
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