Want to Use Our Machine to Unlock Infinite Walking Spaces With 360 Degrees of Rotation Within Your Content? 

We offer our SDK’S to allow developers to integrate their Unreal and Unity programs with our machines. With the KAT VR technology and support systems, you can combine all your content on the platform, and everyone can be a part of that.  Also, the support system and the manager center allow the developers to analyze all kinds of data, performance measures, and the returns on different types of VR Content and Games. Its all about functionality and complete insights with our twisted reality systems.

Contact us today to discuss the possibility of unrolling your content onto the KAT IO platform to share with all other users. You may opt to allow this content for free or require a “pay-to-play” fee for public VR establishments.

Here Are Some of the Key Points That Make KAT WALK Mini the Best in the Business:

  • With the ability to crouch, sit, and lean to ground to pick up items, the Kat Walk Mini is the Most Functional VR Treadmill on the market
  • No Ring Around Waist to hit your hands on
  • Half the Price of Competitors, making our VR Treadmill the least expensive AND most functional available in our market
  • Open SDK to promote developers to keep creating more content for the treadmill. Large and diverse gaming library including many popular Steam VR Titles.
  • Only a little over 4′ in diameter per unit
  • Host group play events and allow friends to interact in VR together!
  • Bring in 6-8 to join our vSports Arena League and compete with other arcades
  • Increase Customer Traffic
  • Fast ROI
  • No foot sensors required!
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