About Us

In 2018, Twisted Reality AR/VR was founded by fellow VR enthusiasts who believe in the push in this immersive and captivating industry. We think it is essential to be a part of the VR revolution and the interactive movement to support our VR content and hardware developers to break barriers and enable the most immersive experiences in gaming and interactive VR.

We at Twisted Reality deliver all the Twisted Reality is all about innovation, immersion and natural solutions. With excellent customer service practices, high-quality VR products, Complete After-Sales Service and Novel Solutions, we at Twisted Reality have made our mark in the VR industry sector, revolutionizing how we enter different realities through gaming. The product line-up at Twisted Reality enables us to deliver exceptional quality KAT VR products to all customers who are VR fanatics and VR enthusiasts. The line-up is inclusive of, KAT Walk Mini, KAT Walk Premium, VR Accessories, and so much more. On the other hand, all customers get complete technical and service support.

Twisted Reality enables the revolution of VR and AR by providing complete range of AR and VR motion products from KAT-VR to various Virtual Reality Arcades, All Fun Centers (Theme parks, amusement parks, indoor trampoline parks, laser tag centers, etc.), VR Developers, VR Schools, Military, Police, Firemen (training simulations), Mobile Event entertainment (people who bring entertainment to events like birthday parties and so on). It’s all about high-end products with cutting edge technology in the VR industry.